Microsoft Adds New Copilot AI Capabilities to Dynamics 365 ERP

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Microsoft has announced new AI-powered Copilot features for Microsoft Dynamics 365 enterprise resource management (ERP) solutions. The new Copilot capabilities are available in public preview for Dynamics 365 Project Operations, Finance, and Supply Chain Management.

“Complex and rigid processes within ERP create more work for people, and repetitive manual data entry overwhelms departments. Dynamics 365 Copilot promises to help finance managers, collections agents, project managers, and procurement professionals complete time-consuming tasks and get insights faster,” said Stephanie Dart, Sr. Director, Product Marketing – ERP, Finance and Supply Chain.

Microsoft is bringing its Copilot tool to its Dynamics 365 Project Operations service. This release should help to significantly reduce the time spent on tasks such as task planning, risk analysis, and project status reports. The Copilot integration will allow project managers to generate project plans with natural language commands quickly. It also makes it easier to identify risks and create mitigation plans.

Microsoft Adds New Copilot AI Capabilities to Dynamics 365 ERP

Additionally, Microsoft unveiled that the new Copilot integration is also coming to Dynamics 365 Finance. It should also improve collaboration and productivity for procurement professionals and collections agents. The Copilot feature lets collection agents easily access credit and payment history to enhance customer services.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management gets Copilot integration

Lastly, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management uses the Copilot tool to help procurement teams manage changes to purchase orders. The feature leverages AI to assess potential risks and optimize procurement decisions in enterprise environments.

“With Copilot, you’re in control as it is grounded in your business data and automatically inherits your valuable security, compliance and privacy policies, regulations, and processes,” Dart added.

Microsoft Adds New Copilot AI Capabilities to Dynamics 365 ERP

Microsoft’s new Copilot capabilities will be available at no additional cost for some Dynamics 365 Premium customers. However, the company plans to make these features available as an add-on to other subscribers in the coming months.