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How can I change the Telnet banner seen when connecting to my Windows Server 2003 server via Telnet?

MS KB article 245095 has more:

When you use Telnet to connect to the a Windows 2000/2003-based server the following banner is displayed:

You can change your Telnet server to display a banner and run programs upon logon for all users by modifying the Login.cmd file. You can modify this file to run other programs (such as a different shell). The commands in the Login.cmd file are run for all users.

Note: You may also want to Change the IMAP4 Banner, Change the SMTP Banner or Change the POP3 Banner.

To change the prompt in the Telnet banner, follow these steps:

  1. Use any text editor (such as Notepad – see Free Notepad Replacements) to open the %SystemRoot%’System32’Login.cmd file.
  2. Modify the Telnet server banner or add the path and name of the program you want to run upon logon.

For example, you could change


  1. You could also add the following line at the end of the file to change the command prompt to reflect the name of the server in your Telnet session:

  1. Save the file, and then quit Notepad.

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