Cellular Data to your Cisco Router

What do you do when your primary T1, cable, or DSL connection goes down to the Internet or your private network? Do you have a backup solution? While my company uses a combination of ISDN, DSL, Wireless Internet, and Internet T1’s, I have recently been interested in the new higher-speed cellular data options. However, as…

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What you need to know about BGP routing protocol

Perhaps you are thinking that you could care less about some routing protocol called BGP. Could it possibly have anything to do with your every day life? The answer is yes. BGP is the routing protocol of the Internet. BGP is how all Internet routers route your email and web requests across the Internet. Without…

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Reset Administrator Password On A Cisco Router With SNMP

Recently, a fellow Cisco administrator told me about a tool he had used to reset a password on a router. He had forgotten the line vty password and the enable password. He could not log in to the router. He did, however, know the SNMP Read/Write password. Using a freeware tool dubbed “Cisco SNMP Tool”…

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How to use the OSI Model to Troubleshoot Networks

In a previous article, we explained the OSI model and how it works. In that article, we went over how the OSI model is a standard theoretical model for how networking hardware, software, protocols work together. What we didn’t discuss in that article is how the OSI model can help you in your day to…

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Configuring Dynamic DNS (DDNS) in the Cisco IOS

Would you like to host a web server or e-mail server on your Internet connection, but don’t want to pay for a static IP address? Dynamic DNS (DDNS) is here to allow you to host that website while still using a dynamic IP address. Previously, this was only available as an executable computer program, or…

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