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Michael Otey is president of TECA, a technical content production, consulting and software development company in Portland, Ore. Michael is a former SQL Server MVP and was Senior Technical Director for Windows IT Pro and SQL Server Pro. He covers the topics of SQL Server, Windows Server, Hyper-V, Azure, System Center Virtual Machine Manager, VMware vSphere, PowerShell and .NET development. Michael has written hundreds of technical articles and performed numerous hardware and software product reviews. He does frequent webcasts, is a presenter at IT/Dev Connections and other technical conferences and has written several books on SQL Server and .NET development.


Building Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Building and testing Disaster Recovery (DR) plans isn’t anyone’s favorite activity, but it is very important. Find out how to get started building a new DR plan or revamping an existing one.

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Sponsored: Best Practices for Securing Remote Desktop Connections

Properly securing your Remote Desktop Connections is vital because of the far-reaching access and capability that Remote Desktop Connection has. Find out how to manually secure your Remote Desktop Connections.

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Sponsored: Five Essential Remote Desktop Tips

Michael Otey shares five essential tips that can make your work with Remote Desktop Connection faster and more efficient.

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What You Need to Know About Data Replication

Although the basics of replication are fairly straightforward, there are several factors that can influence the efficiency and effectiveness of the replication process.

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Keys to Ensuring Availability in a Hybrid Cloud Environment

Ensuring the availability of hybrid cloud resources has different challenges than implementing on-premises HADR implementations. Check out the primary factors you should consider when you are modernizing your hybrid cloud availability environment.

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Sponsored: Not Paying the Ransom(ware)

  One of the worst nightmares for the IT professional is coming into the office in the morning and finding that your critical servers have been hijacked with ransomware. Business immediately grinds to a halt, and you need to have unpleasant meetings with management about how this happened and — more importantly — what you…

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