Amazon Brings RDS to AWS Outposts

AWS Outposts have been generally available since December 2019. AWS Outposts are a hybrid cloud platform sold by Amazon. Amazon provides the hardware and software as well as managing the maintenance operations like provisioning, patching, and backups.

AWS Outposts are essentially a hardware platform that runs on-premise but it is managed like the AWS cloud. AWS Outposts are delivered, installed, managed, and monitored by Amazon. Outposts are connected to the nearest AWS Region to provide the same management and control plane services across both your on-premises and cloud environments.

Later in 2020, a VMware specific version of AWS Outposts called VMware Cloud on AWS will be available. That version of Outposts will deliver a fully managed VMware Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) running on the AWS Outposts infrastructure on-premises.

This past July 2020, Amazon announced that RDS databases are now generally available on AWS Outposts.  For the initial release, RDS on AWS Outposts will support MySQL 8.0.17 and PostgreSQL 12.2. It is likely that other databases like SQL Server and Oracle will be available in the future.

RDS on Outposts is one of the first vendor-managed Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) offerings that runs within the customer’s data center. It is designed to support applications with low latency requirements that need to remain close to on-premises data and applications such as manufacturing and IoT. RDS on Outposts supports MySQL DB instances ranging from db.m5.large at $0.075/hr to db.r5.24xlarge costing $5.472/hr. PostgreSQL is similar at db.m5.large for $0.082/hr to db.r5.24xlarge for $5.952/hr. Additional RDS on Outposts features including scheduled backups to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) as well as built-in encryption at rest and in transit.

You can find out more at Amazon RDS on Outposts.