Video Training on VMware View, ThinApp, Cisco Nexus 1000V, and PowerCLI

This week, Train Signal launched their latest VMware vSphere training course, entitled vSphere Pro Vol 1. This course is nearly 11 hours and is a unique series of videos by prominent VMware vExperts – Rick Scherer, Hal Rottenberg, and myself (David Davis).

The course covers VMware desktop and application virtualization using VMware View and ThinApp, the Cisco Nexus 1000-V 3rd party vNetwork Distributed Switch, and VMware’s PowerCLI command line toolset for vSphere.

My part of the course is VMware View and ThinApp. ThinApp is VMware’s Application Virtualization product. Application Virtualization is so new that most system admins are still relatively unfamiliar with how it can help them.

In the video below, “Virtualizing your App with ThinApp in under 5 minutes”, I cover the the five easy steps to virtualizing your app. In the video, I demonstrate this using Firefox but the concept works with just about any application. Of course, in my full course I spend about an hour covering this same process butin great detail. Checkout the following demo video from the Tran Signal vSphere Pro Vol 1 trainng course, How to virtualize your App with ThinApp in under 5 minutes.

While ThinApp can be purchased by itself, it is also part of VMware View – VMware’s deskop virtulization solution.

Both ThinApp and View can be downloaded and evaluated for free over 60 days at their respective websites.

Learn about the Train Signal computer training and their new vSphere Pro Vol 1 video training course from Train Signal.