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This week, March 30th at 9.20am ET, Petri is hosting its first free virtual 1-day conference of the year on identity management and privileged access management (PAM). In our 2023 audience survey, IT Pros cited security as their number one concern. And because identity and privilege management form the basis of good security and a zero-trust security model, it’s essential that you and your organization is on top of how to properly manage user identities and manage the level of access users have once they have access.

Join me and our experts as we navigate the topic. Plus, we’ll be taking a first look at Microsoft Intune Elevation Rules for the first time as they enter public preview. You can register for free to get access to the sessions live on the day or on-demand for three months after conference day. Registrants will also be able to download an exclusive eBook that contains the most important information from each session.

How to implement and manage hybrid identities with Azure AD Connect – Michael Reinders

Michael Reinders, a regular contributor at Petri, kicks off the sessions at 9.30am ET with a look at how to manage hybrid cloud identities using Windows Server Active Directory, Azure AD, and Azure AD Connect. Michael explains how these technologies work together for easy identity management and a single sign-on experience for end users. Michael will walk through how to configure Azure AD Connect so you can also get your on-premises identities synchronizing to the cloud.

Roundtable – Your Identity Management and PAM Questions Answered – Russell Smith and guests

At 10.30am ET, I host a roundtable with Dean Ellerby, Chris Hills, and Michael Reinders. We will answer the top questions IT Pros have about implementing PAM, identity management, and achieving zero-trust security. So, don’t miss out!

Setting Up Windows Hello for Business and Seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) – Sander Berkouwer

Sander Berkouwer introduces a session on passwordless authentication at 11.00am ET. Sander looks at the different ways Windows Hello for Business can be implemented and walks through how to set it up using a cloud trust model.

Negate Ransomware at the Point of First Contact: Here’s How Ransomware poses an imminent threat to all organizations – Chris Hills

Conference sponsor, BeyondTrust, give a session at 12pm ET on how to stop ransomware in its tracks before it infects endpoints and moves laterally across your network. Chris Hills, Chief Security Strategist at BeyondTrust, outlines how ransomware is a real and present danger for organizations of all shapes and sizes. And how PAM can be used to stop ransomware and limit any potential damage it might do.

Implement Access Controls Using Microsoft Intune – Dean Ellerby

If you’re interested in Microsoft’s soon to be released PAM solution, be sure not to miss Dean Ellerby’s session on implementing access controls using Microsoft Intune. Dean demos the new Elevation Rules feature in Intune and how it can be used to provide access to elevated privileges for apps and processes sanctioned by IT.

Configure Azure AD User Authentication for Cloud-Native Apps – Andy Schneider

The day rounds up with a session that takes a deep dive into how authentication works for cloud-native apps with Azure AD. Andy Schneider, IT systems engineer and architect at Ravenswood Technology Group, takes us through how to work with protocols like OAUTH and SAML to enable authentication in your cloud-native apps.

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