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S/MIME Benefits in OWA 2003

Daniel Petri


Some benefits of using the S/MIME control in OWA 2003
Outlook Web Access (OWA) in Exchange Server 2003 has many fine features that make you feel like you were using the full-featured Outlook client. With that said, note that you can improve the user’s experience by opting to install the S/MIME control on your machine.
The S/MIME control is used to allow the user to read encrypted emails sent to him (providing he or she has the private key used to decrypt the messages), and to send encrypted and digitally signed messages to other users. Read more about it on the Configure Message Security in OWA 2003 article.
Besides that ability, by installing this control you also get additional useful features to enhance your OWA experience:

  • Drag and Drop messages – You will be able to drag and drop existing messages into new messages that you are currently composing, and by doing so you will see those messages added as .eml attachments.

  • Drag and Drop attachments – You will be able to drag and drop files from an open Windows Explorer window directly into new messages you are composing, and the file attachment tool is much easier to use than having to browse with the old way.



  • Enhanced Fonts – Instead of having just 5 default fonts to choose from, you now have access to all the installed fonts on your system.



Use OWA’s Options screen to install the S/MIME control:

Note that the S/MIME control needs to be installed separately on any machine you use to work with OWA, but the installation can be automated by usage of GPO.
BTW, there’s an issue with IE 7 and the S/MIME control found in Exchange 2003. Read more about it and how to fix it in Internet Explorer 7 Crashes when Posting Messages in OWA 2003.

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