Quickly Add Quick Launch Icons in Windows XP/2003

How can I quickly add items to the Quick Launch toolbar in Windows 2000/XP/2003?
The Quick Launch toolbar is the area that’s just right to the Start menu button, and where you can place your own shortcuts to some of your most used applications.

Launching applications in this manner is much faster then having to go through the Start menu and clicking your way around. You just place your shortcut or application in the Quick Launch toolbar, and then you can fire it away with just one click.
Adding items to the Quick Launch toolbar is easy. All you have to do is drag and drop to it. I prefer dragging with the right mouse button, that way you have more control over the action that being performed.
Just click once to select the icon/program/document you want to add, and while holding the right mouse button, drag it to an empty area BETWEEN 2 existing icons on the Quick Launch toolbar. When in place, the mouse pointer will show a black ] mark. Let go of the right mouse button, and select “Create Shortcuts Here”.
The result will be a new icon on the Quick Launch toolbar:
You can also drag any icon/program/document from inside Windows Explorer:
And the result:
After adding items to it, you can also Quickly Edit Quick Launch Icons in Windows XP/2003.
I use the Quick Launch folder a lot (as you can see from some of these screenshots). I’m sure you’ll find it very useful if you’ve never worked with it in the past.

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