Petri Research: The New Challenges Ahead for the IT Pro

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During the past few years, the world of IT has undergone a dramatic change. Three years ago, it was primarily about maintaining an environment that was centrally located with users in the office to this year where most employees have been remotely accessing corporate assets.

Toss into this mix an explosion in ransomware, advanced attacks on corporate networks, and the challenges have never been higher for IT Pros to keep their environments online and secure.

At Petri, one of our goals is to help educate the IT Pro about changes in the industry and how to utilize new tools or services that Microsoft and its partners are releasing. We do this through technical deep dives, virtual conferences, and many other ways including first-party research.

Each year we have surveyed our audience to identify key insights into the challenges the IT Pro is facing to help craft our editorial and content strategy. For 2021, we reached out to our community once again and the challenges are evolving – while security always remains a top priority, we saw new trends with communication barriers as well.