Nerdio Now Manages More Than 1 Million VDI Users in Azure

Cloud virtual desktop provider Nerdio, which hosts its VDI service in Azure, now manages more than 1 Million Windows users. According to Nerdio’s founder and CEO Vadim Vladimirskiy, who announced the stat last week, the rapid growth of its service validates the viability of Azure Virtual Desktop as well as the new Windows 365 service.

“We truly believe we are just scratching the surface,” he noted. The milestone is notable in that Nerdio is a Series A-funded startup that launched its Nerdio Manager for Enterprise 18 months ago. Earlier this year, the company added Nerdio Manager for MSPs. Nerdio said it now has customers and partners in 37 countries, more than 50 enterprise end-user computing (EUC) partners, and 3,500 cloud VDI deployments.

SD-WAN Market Grew 39 Percent During First Half of 2021

Global demand for SD-WAN services is still strong. During the first half of 2021, the market for SD-WAN hardware grew 39 percent over the same period last year, according to the latest report from market research firm Dell’Oro Group.

Cisco is the market share leader, with Fortinet jumping into the No. 2 spot. Also, in the top five in terms of revenue, are VMware, Versa and HPE Aruba. Dell’Oro Group last week noted that hardware-based access routers declined at a mid-single-digit rate during the same period, underscoring the shift to SD-WAN.

Lenovo Moves DaaS Into TruScale Creating “Everything as-a-service” Program

Lenovo last week launched what it called its “everything as-a-service” strategy, bringing its PCs, edge systems and datacenter infrastructure into its TruScale usage and consumption pricing program. Introduced in early 2019, Lenovo created TruScale for its datacenter hardware, which includes, servers, storage, and network hardware.

By integrating its Lenovo DaaS, Device-as-a-Service program with TruScale, the company said it will give partners, especially managed service providers (MSPs), more flexibility.

Lenovo CEO Yuanqing Yang, who made the announcement at the company’s Tech World virtual event, said TruScale is now its flagship ‘as-a-service’ brand. Among the first to announce support for TruScale include Deloitte, VMware, and Intel on the infrastructure side, and DaaS security partners Absolute Software and SentinelOne.

Zoom Adds $30 Million to Its Investment in Neat

Zoom has increased its investment in audio and video hardware provider Neat, with an additional $30 million. The latest funding, announced last week, marks Zoom’s third investment in Neat, bringing the total amount invested in the company to 41 million.

Despite the close ties between Zoom and Neat, their relationship isn’t exclusive. Earlier this year, Neat announced that it was adding compatibility to Microsoft Teams as well.

One Identity Integrates with ServiceNow

One Identity and ServiceNow have partnered to create the One Identity Manager for Service Catalog. A unified portal lets ServiceNow users request permissions, access to secure assets, and automate workflows with the compliance and governance features provided by One Identity’s Identity Manager.

The integrated capability lets administrators utilize ServiceNow’s codeless workflow automation capability, using Identity Manager’s controls and entitlements. The One Identity Manager for Service Catalog is available in the ServiceNow store.

Nebulon Launches Partner Program

Edge and IoT infrastructure provider Nebulon last week launched a new partner program that adds new incentives to resellers. Nebulon offers IoT endpoints, an application server and cloud control plane to bridge IT and operational systems.

The Nebulon SmartPartner program includes a rewards program and it claims to give resellers a higher-margin alternative to hyper-converged infrastructure. Nebulon’s solutions are provided as a service.