Minimize Outlook XP to the Tray Area

How can I minimize Outlook XP to the tray area?
If you’re using a broadband connection, or you need to check your e-mail or calendar all the time you’ll probably like to keep Outlook open all the time. The same goes for Exchange clients that want to work online and keep their client running. Keeping the application open will consume space on your taskbar.
To minimize it to the system tray, start Regedit and follow the steps below:

  1. Open the registry editor and go to
  1. Create a new value with the name of


  1. Give it a value of 1 (0 to disable MinToTray).
  2. Restart Outlook.

Note: Although useful, I personally don’t like this feature because it makes me double-click the tray icon to get Outlook to maximize. Also, Outlook 2003 has this featured enabled by default.
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