Microsoft's Financials Remain Healthy in Q4 Earnings

Microsoft has released its earnings for the quarter ending June 30th, but this is also the end of Microsoft’s fiscal year as well. For the quarter, Microsoft revenue was up to $38 billion, a 13% increase over the previous year but net income was down 8% from the previous year.

Considering that COVID-19 has pulled the rug out from under the economy, Microsoft posted healthy results.

For the quarter, here are the important numbers:

  • Commercial cloud revenue grew to $14.3 billion, up 30% YoY
  • Office 365 Commercial revenue growth of 19%
  • Office 365 Consumer is now at 42.7 million users
  • Server products and cloud services revenue increased by 19%
  • Windows OEM revenue increased by 7%
  • Surface revenue increased 28% to $1.7 billion for the quarter
  • Xbox content and services revenue increased by 65%
  • LinkedIn Revenue grew 10%

Overall, Microsoft posted a healthy quarter with nearly all key segments growing in revenue. Considering that many workers are now operating remotely, this falls directly into the wheelhouse of Office 365.

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During the quarter, Microsoft stated that Office 365 commercial revenue was driven by seat growth but also increased revenue per user. Meaning, more new users signed up and many customers moved to higher tiers of the service.

And seeing as this is the end of the fiscal year, for 2020, Microsoft had revenue of $143 billion with a net income for the period of $44.3 billion.

At the time of this post, $MSFT was up 1.5% to 211.75.

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  1. <p>This year has been a blessed one for Microsoft.</p><p>More importantly because people are more into playing games on their Xbox in the free time at home.</p><p>So it is good that LinkedIn also provided improvement in the revenues of Microsoft as it is a plca that has been bustling with an influx of job seekers.</p>

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