Microsoft to Open Data Center Region in Indonesia

Microsoft has announced today that the company plans to open a new datacenter region in Indonesia as part of the Berdayakan Ekonomi Digital Indonesia initiative. This will be the single largest investment in the country in the 26 years that Microsoft has been established in the country.

This news follows-up the company’s announcement that they will be investing heavily in Atlanta and by the end of 2021, Microsoft will be operating more than 60 data center regions. It’s important to note that a data recenter region is typically made up of more than one data center.

Along with the new data center location in the country, Microsoft is committing to skill an additional 3 million Indonesians to achieve its goal of educating over 24 million Indonesians by the end of 2021.

According to IDC, they state that the Microsoft investment will “generate up to USD $6.3 billion in new revenues from the country’s ecosystem of local customers and partners. In addition, its cloud-consuming businesses are expected to contribute 60,000 jobs to the local economy, over the next four years.”  While each region will respond differently to the opening of a new data center, you can see the appeal of attracting cloud giants to your local economy.

For Microsoft, this will allow them to better serve local clients with data that remains “in-country” for its lifecycle which makes it much easier to abide by local regulations if needed. With more than 60 data center regions announced, 2021 still has many months ahead and it would not surprise me to see a few more hit the wire later this year.