Microsoft Teams for Mac and iOS Now Support Background Noise Suppression

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams on Mac and iOS has finally added support for real-time noise suppression. The AI-powered tool first debuted on Windows 10 as an optional feature back in 2020, which allows the app to automatically suppress unwanted background noise during video calls and meetings.

The noise suppression capability is enabled by default for all Mac and iOS users. The feature leverages Artificial Intelligence to analyze the audio feed in real-time to isolate speech from unnecessary noise (such as keyboard typing, barking dogs, or food wrapper crunching) that can distract meeting participants.

Since its launch, Microsoft’s engineers have optimized the machine learning model to improve the call and meeting quality in Microsoft Teams. The experimentation process proved that better call quality has helped to increase the duration of 1:1 calls. Additionally, its end-of-call survey shows a 32 percent drop in background noise complaints from end-users.

“This change of enabling noise suppression by default for most calls makes this feature the most widely used AI feature in Microsoft Teams, but more importantly improving experiences for millions of users who confidently take Teams calls and meetings from anywhere,” said Mehrsa Golestaneh, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft.

Microsoft to add background suppression support to ARM-based devices

Microsoft has also revealed its plans to roll out real-time background suppression support to Microsoft Teams Rooms and ARM-based devices. However, the company has not yet indicated an ETA for when the feature will hit general availability on other device types.

Background noise in Teams meetings can be annoying, especially during an important conversation with senior managers or clients. The built-in noise suppression feature is certainly a welcome addition for people working in hybrid environments. “While we’re excited about the advancements in Teams call quality we’ve achieved through machine-learning and AI, we’re just beginning to realize the opportunities ahead,” Microsoft said yesterday.