Microsoft Shares New Details On HoloLens: Up to 5.5 Hour Battery Life, Device Link And More

Holo Lens Hero
At an event in Tel Aviv, Bruce Harris, a Microsoft Technical Evangelist, shared new details about the company’s upcoming Hololens. The highly anticipated device will start shipping to developers this quarter but the company has not announced yet when the device will generally available to consumer or enterprise clients.

Bruce notes that any universal application that can currently run on Windows 10, will run natively, out of the box, on Hololens and the device is “totally wireless” and uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for communication. In fact, there will not be a wired option for this device.

Battery life, while it depends on your usage, can run up to 5.5 hours and under heavy load is closer to 2.5 hours when pushing the device to its limits; anything can connect to the device, as long as it supports Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Field of view is similar to a 15in monitor about two feet away from your face and the reason for this size on the field of view is because of cost and battery-life. Harris notes that as manufacturing improves, the company intends to expand the field of view once it makes sense from a pricing perspective.

Harris also says that they are manufacturing the device themselves but it is not being made in the US like the Surface Hub.

One of the other unique experiences that you can do with a Hololens is to link devices together to share an experience; in this mode, two or more users can view an object at the same time. To accomplish this, devices do not have to be in the same room and can share the link over the Internet. Of course, this depends on available bandwidth, but that’s a common restraint for any Internet connected device.

You can watch the entire video, posted by Niv Calederon above, but I suspect that it will be pulled shortly at the request of Microsoft.