Microsoft Announces New Azure DDoS IP Protection SKU for Small Businesses


Microsoft has released its new Azure DDoS IP Protection SKU in public preview. It’s a cost-effective enterprise-grade endpoint security solution aimed at protecting small and midsize businesses (SMBs) against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

“It offers the same essential capabilities as Azure DDoS Network Protection to protect your resources and applications against evolving DDoS attacks, including L3/L4 automatic attack detection and mitigation, metrics and alerts, mitigation flow logs, mitigation policies tuned to customer applications, and tight integration with Azure Firewall Manager, Microsoft Sentinel, and Microsoft Defender for Cloud,” explained Amir Dahan, Senior Product Manager for Azure Networking.

The key features in Azure DDoS IP Protection include attack analytics, metrics, and logging, as well as integrations with Azure Firewall Manager, Microsoft Defender for Cloud, and Microsoft Sentinel. The service also enables customers to protect their workloads against the largest and most sophisticated DDoS attacks. The adaptive tuning feature considers the app’s scale and actual patterns to minimize false negatives.

Microsoft Announces New DDoS IP Protection SKU for Small Businesses

Getting started with Azure DDoS IP Protection

As small and medium-sized businesses are facing an increasing number of cyberattacks, Microsoft has designed the DDoS IP Protection SKU for companies with a couple of public IP resources. It’s recommended for customers with a limited budget and qualified IT staff to mitigate massive DDoS attacks.

The company also provides an enterprise offering (DDoS Network Protection) for large organizations with additional capabilities such as DDoS Rapid Response, cost protection, and Azure Web Application Firewall discounts.

Microsoft’s new DDoS IP Protection feature is currently available in preview for small businesses in select markets. IT admins can head to the Azure Preview Portal to configure the SKU for end-users in their tenants. Microsoft expects to start billing for IP Protection on February 1, 2023, and we invite you to check out the pricing details on the Azure DDoS Protection website.