M365 Changelog: Microsoft Graph connector for Azure DevOps Work Items GA announcement

MC359521 – Microsoft Graph connectors enable your organization to index third-party content in Microsoft Search. With the Microsoft Graph connector for Azure DevOps, you would be able to index and search for work items like bugs, tasks, user stories, features and epics from any of Microsoft Search endpoints like Bing, SharePoint, Office.com etc.

When will this happen:

Microsoft Graph connectors for Azure DevOps Work Items (or Boards) will be available outside of the preview environment on May 15. You must purchase a license to use this feature after May 15.

How this will affect your organization:

You may configure the Graph connector for Azure DevOps from the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. Refer the documentation page to learn more about the setup process.

If your organization is already using the graph connector in preview state, you will need to have sufficient index quota to continue using the connectors. Refer the License requirements and pricing | Microsoft Docs for more information on index quota and pricing.

The below screenshot presents the end-user experience of searching an Azure DevOps item through SharePoint online.Microsoft Graph connector for Azure DevOps Work
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Please reach out to Microsoft Graph Connectors Feedback <[email protected]> for any queries you may have.

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