M365 Changelog: Microsoft Defender for Office 365 – Update to Quarantine retention period for Malware detections

MC406230 – Given feedback from our customer on the need for an additional time to triage the emails or files that were quarantined as result of potential malware Microsoft is increasing the retention period from 15 days to 30 days.

When this will happen

  • Standard Release: will begin rolling this out by end of July and expect to complete by late August.
  • Government: will begin rolling out by mid-August and expect to be complete by mid-September.

How this will affect your organization

Previously Admins had to triage quarantined malware emails and files within a 15-day period before they expired from quarantine, however with this change Admins have 30 days to triage before expiration happens 

What you need to do to prepare

You may consider updating your training and documentation as appropriate.

Additional information