M365 Changelog: (Updated) Microsoft 365 admin center – Windows 365 cloud PC advanced deployment guide

MC514084 – Updated May 9, 2023: Microsoft has updated the rollout timing below. Thank you for your patience.  

The Advanced deployment guides & assistance page in the Microsoft 365 admin center and the setup.microsoft.com website will have a new guide to help admins plan, deploy, and scale Windows 365 Enterprise in their organization. Windows 365 is a cloud-based service that provisions and hosts Cloud PCs as virtual machines for users. The guide includes a checklist with Cloud PC configuration tasks, best practices, tools, and recommendations based on a tenant’s configuration.

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When this will happen:

This guide will be available to Targeted Release in April 2023 and Standard Release in May 2023 (previously March). It can be found on the Advanced deployment guides & assistance page, and shortly after, on setup.microsoft.com.

How this will affect your organization:

Admins will use the Windows 365 Cloud PC advanced deployment guide for recommendations on how to make key decisions and identify prerequisites and tasks needed to deploy Cloud PCs in accordance with their org’s requirements. The guide is organized by IT area (Azure, networking, identity, management, security, and applications) to help admins work with multiple groups and staff members. Admins can track the status of each task within the guide and share tasks with others via email. 

What you need to do to prepare:

You don’t need to do anything to prepare for this change. 

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