M365 Changelog: File Extension Change from .fluid to .loop

MC533813 – As previously shared, Loop components and pages will switch from using the .fluid extension to the .loop extension, to align with the Microsoft Loop brand.

When this will happen:

April 2023

How this will affect your organization:

  • Will this impact existing .fluid files?
    • No, existing files will not be renamed or otherwise impacted as part of this change. Existing .fluid files will continue to be supported and work the same way they do currently. Only newly created files will use the .loop extension.
  • Are there functional differences between .fluid and .loop?
    • No, all features and behavior are equivalent between .fluid and .loop files. This change strictly affects the file extension.
  • Will this impact sharing or links?
    • No, existing sharing links will work as previously/as expected.
  • Are any other file extensions impacted?
    • No, this is strictly about switching to use the .loop extension for new files where previously .fluid was used.

What you need to do to prepare:

No specific action is required by admins as part of this change. If you have any security or workflows that key directly off of the .fluid extension specifically, you will want to ensure these are updated to include .loop (in addition to keeping .fluid for existing files).

This change does not modify any Loop settings. For more information on enabling or disabling Loop experiences, see Manage Loop experiences.

Additional information