Microsoft is Investigating Azure Outage Affecting Ubuntu VMs

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Microsoft has acknowledged that customers may experience domain name system (DNS) issues while accessing some Azure cloud services. The company confirmed that the problem is specifically affecting users running Canonical Ubuntu 18.04 on Azure virtual machines (VMs).

According to Microsoft, the Azure outage started at around 2 AM ET on August 30. It impacted several Azure cloud services, including Azure Container Apps (ACA), Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Azure Database for PostgreSQL, Application Insights, Log Analytics, and the Azure VMware solution.

“Starting at approximately 06:00 UTC on 30 Aug 2022, a number of customers running Ubuntu 18.04 (bionic) VMs recently upgraded to systemd version 237-3ubuntu10.54 reported experiencing DNS errors when trying to access their resources. Reports of this issue are confined to this single Ubuntu version,” the company wrote on the Microsoft Azure Service Health page yesterday.

Microsoft’s engineering team has already released a fix for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) clusters, which helped to recover most of the impacted clusters back to a healthy state. However, the auto-remediation detection didn’t resolve the issue in some AKS nodes. As a result, the Azure Kubernetes Service and Azure Container Apps services are not working properly.

Microsoft is Investigating Azure Outage Affecting Ubuntu VMs

Microsoft advises customers to reboot impacted Ubuntu virtual machines

Microsoft says that its engineers are working to fix the bug in all the clusters across Azure regions worldwide. Meanwhile, the company is recommending Ubuntu users to disable automatic security updates until the issue is resolved. However, those who have already installed the buggy Ubuntu patch should “reboot the impacted VM instances so that they receive a fresh DHCP lease and new DNS resolver(s).”

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