Microsoft adds Extended Update Cadence for Edge Enterprise Users

If there is one thing that most IT Pros do not look forward to, it’s “update the critical software” day. While most updates install without any issues, sometimes things go a bit sideways like with the recent Patch Tuesday update that broke configurations for some printers.

But in the world of browsers, workflow-breaking bugs are far less common and it’s typically easier to update the specific piece of software without too much blowback from operations. That being said, updates can still be time-consuming which is why it’s good to see Microsoft offering extended update cycles for Edge users.

The Edge team has announced that they will be releasing updates faster and slower. For most, the browser will now be updated every four weeks, but for enterprise customers, there will be a new option that will space out updates to 8 weeks.

Microsoft is officially calling this the “Extended Stable” option and in between major releases, expect bi-weekly security updates. This is important as browsers are frequently targeted for exploits but with the extended update option, this will not increase your vulnerability profile.

This change in update support and release cadence will start with Edge 94; you can view the Edge Release Schedule page to monitor updates and changes.

The changes coming to Edge are welcomed and not all that surprising considering that Google is taking a similar approach. There is little doubt that Edge moving to the Chromium engine was the correct move for the company as the browser is adding features at a cadence not possible with legacy Edge.

Earlier this month, Edge legacy officially reached its end-of-life support window and with the new Edge moving to a faster update cadence, there is no looking back now.