Introducing the Microsoft Premier Field Engineering (PFE) Blogs

[Editor’s Note: Daniel Petri was the founder and creator of the Petri IT Knowledgebase, and is now a Senior Premier Field Engineer (PFE) for Microsoft. Daniel passed along this message describing the official Microsoft PFE blogs that he contributes to which we believe are invaluable resources for system administrators.]
This is a link you want to keep in your favorites, and check it out regularly:
Microsoft Premier Field Engineering (PFE) Blogs
We have 2 MSPFE blogs. One aimed at IT Pro’s and one aimed at Developers.
These are technical blogs where we share compelling information on a huge variety of topics. Our goal is to ensure that you run healthy IT systems, systems that don’t go down, systems that just work. So what makes these blogs so special?
• Each contributing author has incredible depth technical knowledge. They spend weeks each year keeping sharp, working with colleagues around the world and directly with the Microsoft product group.
• Each author is covered in industry battle scars. We don’t tell you how it should be, we tell you how it is. We’ve seen a lot and want you to benefit from what we’ve seen.
Currently, there are separate sections that deal with most Microsoft-related technologies:
Active Directory
Exchange Server
Service Management
SQL Server
System Center
Windows Server and Client
More will be added in the near future.
So check us out. We hope we can help.
Daniel Petri