How do I install and configure a new Windows 2000 DNS server within an existing DNS environment where Active Directory is not enabled?

To create a new Windows 2000 DNS Server, you must install Windows 2000 Server or Advanced Server on a server that is attached to your network. Because DNS is not installed by default during installation of Windows 2000 Server or Advanced Server, you have to install DNS on the server. You can install the Windows 2000 DNS service either during the installation of Windows 2000 Server or Advanced Server, or after the initial installation.
If your existing environment already has a DNS domain and an existing DNS infrastructure, and Active Directory is enabled, you can delegate a sub-domain of your existing DNS domain to the Windows 2000 domain. The Windows 2000 DNS server must already be installed to complete the following step.
With an existing DNS domain, you can delegate a sub-domain from the existing DNS server to the Windows 2000 DNS server. For example, if your domain name is, you can create a sub-domain with the name The Windows 2000 DNS server has authority over that sub-domain.
To create the sub-domain, configure the DNS server to use one of the organization’s main DNS servers as a forwarder. A forwarder provides recursive lookups for any queries that the DNS server receives that it cannot answer based on its local zones. After you set up the forwarder, the Windows 2000 DNS server is responsible for resolving any queries for computers or resources that are contained within its own local domain. Any queries beyond this range, however, are forwarded directly to the organization’s main DNS servers for resolution.
To Add the Organization’s Main DNS Servers to the List of Forwarders on the Windows 2000 Server:

  1. Click Start, point to Programs, point to Administrative Tools, and then click DNS to start the DNS Management Console.
  2. Right click the DNS Server object for your server in the left pane of the console, and click Properties.

w2k dns11 small

  1. Click the Forwarders tab.
  2. Check the Enable forwarders check-box.
  3. In the IP address box enter the IP address of the DNS servers you want to forward queries to – typically the DNS server of your ISP. You can also move them up or down. The one that is highest in the list gets the first try, and if it does not respond within a given time limit – the query will be forwarded to the next server in the list.
    w2k dns12 small
  4. Click OK.


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