GitHub Unveils Copilot Enterprise to Let Organizations Customize Codebase

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Key Takeaways:

  • GitHub Copilot Chat, powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4, will be generally available in December for both individuals and enterprise customers.
  • GitHub’s new Copilot Enterprise tier is launching in February 2024, providing an enterprise-grade subscription for organizations.
  • The service allows companies to personalize Copilot Chat for their codebase and fine-tune underlying models.

Microsoft’s owned GitHub has announced the general availability plans for GitHub Copilot Chat. The company has also unveiled previews of GitHub Copilot Enterprise and new AI-powered security capabilities.

GitHub first announced Copilot Chat back in March, and it will become generally available for both individuals and enterprise customers in December. The chatbot is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 and can be placed within an integrated development environment (IDE) such as Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. It lets developers use natural language commands to ask questions about the existing code.

GitHub has announced several new capabilities coming to the Copilot Chat service, including enhanced code suggestions, explanations, and suggestions. There is also an inline capability that allows developers to chat about specific lines of code. Microsoft is also introducing support for slash commands and context variables. The AI-powered tool is available as a part of the standard Copilot subscription, which costs $19/month for businesses and $10/month for individuals.

GitHub Unveils Copilot Enterprise to Let Organizations Customize Codebase

GitHub Copilot Enterprise to launch in February 2024

GitHub has also announced a new enterprise-grade Copilot subscription called GitHub Copilot Enterprise. The new service enables organizations to personalize Copilot Chat for their codebase and fine-tune the underlying models. It helps developer teams to get suggestions based on internal and private code, search and build documentation, and get pull request summaries. GitHub Copilot Enterprise also provides privacy and security features to protect enterprise code.

GitHub Copilot Enterprise will be available in February 2024 for $39 per user per month. The company recommends interested customers to join the waiting list on this page. GitHub has also announced its plans to release Copilot Workspace sometime in 2024. The service will use the power of AI to streamline the software development process.

“By combining the details of the issue with the knowledge of the codebase and the reasoning capabilities of GPT-4, our research team at GitHub Next has developed an AI-powered bridge to help every developer scale the barrier of putting an idea into code: we call it the GitHub Copilot Workspace,” said GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke.

Last but not least, GitHub Copilot Chat is coming to and the GitHub mobile app. The GitHub Copilot Partner Program will create a plugin ecosystem for GitHub Copilot to check the status of a feature flag, enhance the performance of database queries, and view the results of A/B testing. GitHub Advanced Security is getting AI-based security testing capabilities to identify and remediate vulnerabilities in code.