GitHub Launches Copilot Chat – Your AI Programming Assistant for Enhanced Developer Productivity

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Key Takeaways:

  • Copilot Chat, a programming-centric chatbot similar to ChatGPT, is generally available for all users.
  • Copilot Chat is still powered by GPT-4, OpenAI’s flagship generative AI model, specifically fine-tuned for development scenarios.
  • Users can prompt Copilot Chat in natural language for real-time guidance, including tasks like explaining concepts, detecting vulnerabilities, or writing unit tests.

Microsoft-owned GitHub has announced that its new Copilot Chat feature is now generally available for all users. The AI-powered programming assistant is available at no additional cost to customers within Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.

GitHub first rolled out Copilot Chat in limited beta to enterprise customers and organizations earlier this year. It’s powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 model fine-tuned specifically for software development. Copilot Chat helps developers solve coding problems without the need to switch contexts. Developers can open Copilot Chat in their integrated development environment (IDE) and ask relevant questions.

With Copilot Chat, developers can use natural language commands to receive real-time guidance. It also lets users understand complex coding concepts, translate code, analyze code, detect security vulnerabilities, and write unit tests.

“From explaining complex coding concepts to detecting security vulnerabilities and writing unit tests, Copilot Chat can help every developer innovate at the speed of thought,” Shuyin Zhao, VP of product management at GitHub. “Copilot Chat is personalized to each developer and their unique coding practices, so it’s really up to you to decide where and when to use it.”

GitHub Copilot faces up to $80/user monthly loss

According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, Microsoft is reportedly incurring a monthly loss of up to $80 per user for its GitHub Copilot services. This financial setback can be attributed to the high costs associated with the hardware used for training large language models (LLMs). Despite the financial strain, it’s a common practice for companies to operate products at a loss initially, with the intention of building a dedicated user base.

GitHub Copilot Chat is available for business customers for $19 per user per month or $100 per year. It’s also available for individual Copilot customers for $10 per month, and you can read more about the pricing details on the official GitHub website.