GET-IT: Azure and DevOps 1-Day Virtual Conference is Happening Wednesday

Petri’s GET-IT: Azure DevOps 1-Day virtual conference is a day of free learning dedicated to deep technical content aimed at IT Pros and Developers who are looking to enhance their knowledge and skills for developing, deploying, managing, and scaling their operations. Throughout the day you will hear from Microsoft MVPs and industry experts about how to get started with new DevOps tools and features that you can utilize in your environments.

During this free day of learning, we will be streaming to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook,, and other locations to make it easy for you to watch Azure DevOps Day wherever it is most convenient for you. And who will be speaking? On the docket, we have Aidan Finn, Ryan Irujo, Thomas Maurer, Sarah Lean, Pete Zerger, and Frank Yue.

Why Azure DevOps? IT Pros are frequently looking to expand their skillset and even season DevOps engineers are looking for new solutions and in our free one day conference, we will help those looking to add new skills to their toolbelt for engineering an infrastructure solution as well as diving deep into transformation challenges too.

With the event about three weeks away, you can head over to our landing page to learn more about the sessions and connect with the speakers. And be on the lookout for additional updates before the event too, including more sessions.