The Friday Funny: Monty Python’s John Cleese Compares Compaq Portable to Dead Fish

Are you old enough to remember when a portable PC weighed 20 lbs and featured a monochrome 9″ CRT monitor? In this Compaq TV advertisement from the 1980’s, Monty Python‘s John Cleese is shown comparing the then-new Compaq Portable II to a dead fish of the same weight. (Video link below the still image.)

John Cleese compares the Compaq Portable 2 to a dead fish

John Cleese comparing and contrasting the Compaq Portable II with a dead fish.

In the ad, Cleese states that the Compaq Portable II can remember lots of things thanks to its 4.1 MB of memory, and that the fish can’t, because it’s “stone-cold dead.” If you’re curious to see how much IBM compatible software both the dead fish and the Compaq Portable 2 can run, watch the video to find out.