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Download Service Packs for MS Products

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Download Microsoft products Service Packs
This page contains a list of all MS products that have (or used to have) service packs. To download an SP for a specific product click on the correct link and you will be transferred to the relevant page on Microsoft’s website.
Note: I cannot keep track of these outside links. If any of them breaks please let me know .
Note for Hebrew users: Windows 9X, NT and some of the older Office suits have Hebrew versions of these service packs. If available, always install a Hebrew version of the pack and do NOT use the English only version. Windows 2000, XP and Office XP generally do not require a separate download and you can (usually) use the English version of the pack, unless you own a Hebrew-interface localized version (e.g. Office XP with Hebrew menus).
For the most updated list of required hot fixes, patches and service packs please see the Patches and Service Packs page on my site.


Internet Explorer


Server products

Developer tools

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