Disable the Built-In Firewall in Alcatel SpeedTouch Pro

How can I disable the built-in Firewall in the Alcatel SpeedTouch ADSL modem?
The Alcatel SpeedTouch ADSL modem has a built-in firewall that protects your internal network from outside infiltration.
You might want to disable this firewall for various reasons. For example: Some program needs direct incoming Internet connection in random and dynamic ports (ports you cannot map in NAT, because they keep changing, like NetMeeting, MSN Messenger and others).

Step One – Connect to the modem

Open a Telnet session to the modem:

  • Telnet to your modem by using this command:

Log in as any user and the modem will show a string like ‘SpeedTouch (00-00-00-00-00-00)’ before asking the password. That’s the MAC address of the modem.

Enter the password that you obtained through the script found here: Upgrade from Home to Pro (the one I told you to write down… you did write it down, didn’t you?).
Go into the NAT command by typing



Step Two – Disable the firewall

Enter the following command in the nat prompt:

​defserver addr

where is the IP address of the computer you want to forward all Internet connectivity to. Of course you will have to change this address to suit your network configuration.
Warning: All IP traffic will now be forwarded to that IP address, thus enabling hackers and script kiddies to easily reach your computer.

Step Three – Enable the firewall

To enable the firewall you can enter the following command in the nat prompt:

​defserver addr 0

Step four – Pray

Now that you’ve done what I told you specifically not to do, make sure you pray, in your own words, to your own God, that the computer you’ve redirected the traffic to is indeed secure enough and has all the required patches and fixes to stop hackers from breaking into it.


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