Disable CD Recording Feature in Windows XP

How do I remove the CD Recording feature in Windows XP?

I cannot imagine why anyone will want to do that but…

Do this if you must:

  1. Start – Run – type gpedit.msc (not available in Windows XP Home Edition).

  2. Go to User Configuration – Administrative Templates – Windows Explorer.

  3. Look for "Remove CD Burning Features" and double click on it.

  4. Choose ENABLED and apply.

  5. You may need to reboot the computer for settings to take place.

Note for Windows XP SP2:

Reader Frode F. wrote:

Hey, just a notice. Might be for Windows XP Pro SP2 Only, but i noticed that the "Disable CD Recording Feature in Windows XP" (in the tweaks section) has or might been modified. Its in one more subdir. Group Policy -> User Configuration -> Windows Components -> Windows Explorer -> and named "Remove CD Burning Features". Nice page!! 🙂 Keep it up!