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Datacenter networking servers

What is Azure Arc?

Last Update: Dec 14, 2022

A first look at Microsoft Azure’s new cross-platform hybrid management service, Azure Arc.

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Getting Started with Azure Arc-Servers

Microsoft announced Azure Arc at Ignite 2019 providing a cross-platform hybrid management system to manage all servers anywhere. In this article, you’ll learn how to onboard your on-premises servers to Azure Arc Servers.

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Getting Started with Role-based Access Control in Azure

Do you want to ensure your Azure users don’t have the rights to create random, expensive resources without approval? You can do just that with Role-based access control (RBAC). RBAC is a built-in FREE feature we must master in order to improve our security posture.

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What’s New with Azure Update Management

Microsoft has added a new feature to Azure Update management giving you the ability to target dynamic groups of VMs. Take a quick tour of Azure Update management and dynamic group targeting.

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Getting Started with Azure Migrate

This article will provide a quick overview of Microsoft’s free Azure Migrate service. This service can help you assess your on-prem VMware environment to determine what workloads are ready for Azure and what your operational expense may look like by providing scaled cost estimates.

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Getting Started with Azure Adaptive Network Hardening

Azure Security Center has included a new feature in preview called Adaptive Network Hardening which uses machine learning to analyze both ingress and egress traffic from your Azure virtual machines. Once it’s gathered enough data, I will make security recommendations to better harden your resources.

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Getting Started with Azure on a Budget

Microsoft’s Azure platform offers a robust number of services and while it may sound expensive, it’s easy to stay on a budget or even get some services for free.

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