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Deep Dive on Windows Server 2016 New Features: Nested Virtualization in Hyper-V

Learn about nested virtualization in Windows Server 2016 for Hyper-V, a new feature that lets a user create and share virtual machines.

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Deep Dive in Windows Server 2016 New Features: PowerShell Direct

Jonathan Hassell gives us a look at the new Windows Server 2016 feature, PowerShell Direct, which prevents IT admins from making simple configuration mistakes.

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Enable Two-Factor Authentication with Microsoft Accounts and Outlook.com

Learn steps for enabling two-factor authentication for your Microsoft accounts for increased security and protection against leaks.

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A First Look at the Microsoft Cloud Platform System

Jonathan Hassell gives us a first look at the preconfigured Microsoft Cloud Platform System, which combines hardware, storage and networking provided by Dell and a software stack provided by Microsoft.

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How to Enable Two Factor Authentication for Google Apps and Gmail

Learn how to enable two-factor authentication for Google Apps and Gmail with this step-by-step tutorial by Jonathan Hassell.

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How to Setup a Microsoft Azure Virtual Network

Curious about virtual networking in Microsoft Azure? Learn how to setup an Azure virtual network in this short step-by-step tutorial by Jon Hassell.

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Will the Office 365 Trust Center Allay Cloud Security Concerns?

Microsoft’s Office 365 Trust Center is a new online resource that provides information on Office 365 cloud security and privacy efforts.

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Using Microsoft Azure: Virtual Machines and RDP

Microsoft Azure’s come a long way. In part 1 of a new series, learn more about Azure’s possibilities with virtual machines and Remote Desktop Protocol.

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Alternatives to Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway

We bid adios to Microsoft Forefront UAG. Need to find a replacement? Check out our four alternative solutions!

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