Unhide Recycle Bin when Dragging and Dropping Files

How do I drag and drop a file to the Recycle Bin if it’s hidden behind many open windows?
This is one of these cool tips that you’ll never forget. This tip was new to me and when I first used it I found myself with my jaw hanging…
Sometimes one might want to drag-and-drop a file or folder from on of his or her Windows Explorer windows to the Recycle Bin that’s found on the desktop. This can be easily accomplished when the Recycle Bin icon is visible on the desktop. You just drag and drop the file to the Recycle Bin icon, when your mouse cursor is over the Recycle Bin icon the icon will be marked, and when you let go of the left mouse button the file you’ve just dragged will be dropped to the Recycle Bin and deleted.
But wait, how will you drag and drop the file or folder to the Recycle Bin icon if the icon is obscured and hidden behind other open windows?
I know, you can minimize all open windows and then re-open the Explorer window, move the window border so it won’t hide the Recycle bin icon, and then drag to file to that icon.
But now listen to this:
Drag the file you want to delete to an empty spot on your Taskbar. Just hold the mouse button for 2 or 3 seconds, don’t let go of the button.
drag drop small
Wow! See how the window that hid the Recycle Bin behind it now minimizes, and you will now be able to see the Recycle Bin icon.
Now (you’re still holding that mouse button, right?) continue to drag the file on top of the Recycle Bin icon, make sure the icon appears to be selected, then let go of the mouse button (drop).
drag drop1 small
That’s cool!

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