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Spam Marshall is a server based total email security, anti-spam and anti virus product. Spam Marshall should seriously be considered by email server administrators concerned about his or her company’s email server security and spam emails.  Spam Marshall contains many features which sets it apart from it’s’ competition, one of which was the SMTP Intrusion Detection System. The SMTP Intrusion Detection System empowers administrators to monitor and block sites trying to perform suspicious activity such as dictionary attacks or e-mail DoS attacks.
Spam Marshall works with any Exchange server version and any other SMTP server, including Exchange 5.5, 2000, and 2003.  It can be installed on the same server as your current mail server or on a separate dedicated server. Installation is a fairly straight forward process.  Spam Marshall software is unique among all major anti-spam software products because it does not use any Exchange Event Sinks, makes zero changes to your registry, and installs no dlls in your Windows or Exchange environment that can interfere with your current server setup.  Administration is provided through an easy-to-use browser-based interface.
Spam Marshall includes the standard major anti-spam technology such as Bayesian, SPF, White and Black lists, RBL services and many more.  However, the heart of Spam Marshall is its proprietary technology, called CuRE (Custom Rules Engine).  CuRE is a collection of filters that are upgraded regularly using a live update feature that provide the ability to catch most spam even without a fully trained Bayesian algorithm in place.  There are various graphical and statistical reports accessible with a single click.   You can also setup user reports where an individual user will receive a summary report via e-mail of all the e-mails processed for the last 24 hours. The user can review all spam-categorized email with a click of a button, and unblock any false positives.  This feature will assure that your users do not lose any good e-mails.  Users can also create their own white and black lists if the Administrator decides to implement this feature.
Spam Marshall can filter both incoming and out-going e-mails with full integration with Active Directory.  It is scalable to handle a single mail server to multiple servers with the ability to designate separate administrators.  If your company has multiple domain names, you can set up separate filtering rules for each domain — For example, if your company receives e-mails for domains and, you can create a profile for each and apply separate rules for filtering spam.  The Enterprise version of Spam Marshall also allows clustering, where multiple Spam Marshall Servers are managed as one. This feature is suitable for large companies or ISPs where scalability and high availability is paramount.
We were very pleased with Spam Marshall for its effectiveness, ease of installation, and simple administration.  Live technical support was available over the phone and staffed by personnel who were intimately familiar with the product, provided excellent suggestions, and answered all of our technical questions.  Spam Marshall is available as a software license or as an appliance.  If you buy the software license you can install Spam Marshall on the same server as your existing mail server or on a separate dedicated server.  We highly recommend Spam Marshall for your total email security solution.
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