Remote Version Checking through SMTP/POP3/IMAP4

How can I tell what build is my Windows/Exchange server?

It’s quite easy to forget which builds your servers are running. Here’s a quick way of telling which OS build and Exchange version is running on a remote server:

Operating System

TELNET to the SMTP port (25) and look at the banner returned.

5.0.2195 – Windows 2000

6.0.3663 – Windows 2003 RC1

6.0.3718 – Windows 2003 RC2

6.0.3790 – Windows 2003 RTM

Exchange Server

TELNET to the SMTP/POP3/IMAP port (25/110/143) and look at the banner returned.

6.0.6249.0 – Exchange 2000 SP3

6.5.6728.0 – Exchange 2003 Beta 1

6.5.6803.0 – Exchange 2003 Beta 2

6.5.6851.0 – Exchange 2003 RC0

6.5.6595.0 – Exchange 2003 RC1-Candidate

6.0.3790.0 – Exchange 2003 RTM

Note: The dot build (italicized) reported by the Exchange protocols will not normally reflect the exact build number you installed. This is because dot builds only contain the actual files changed/fixed since the major version was released.

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