Quickly Search Active Directory from the Desktop

How can I quickly perform search operations in AD from my desktop?

No problem. Create a new shortcut on your desktop with the following command:

​%SystemRoot%\SYSTEM32\rundll32.exe dsquery,OpenQueryWindow

Give it a name and run it. This is what you’ll get:
ad search small
You can also configure a specific search option, such as a subset of the entire domain (one specific OU to search in, for instance), or a specific search operation, such as a Shared Folder search, or a Printer search:
ad search1 small ad search2 small
After configuring the search criteria you can save the customized search to your desktop, and thus easily create a “Search Printers” or “Shared Folders Search” icon.
ad search3 small ad search4 small
You can also easily change the icon for each search option and choose a better icon for each search option.
ad search5 small

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