Quickly Copy the Title and URL of a Website

How can I quickly copy the title and URL of a website?

You’ve found the website you were looking for (use my Quickly Search the Web article for more info), and now you want to quickly copy the website’s URL and title in order to send them to a friend, to post them on a newsgroup or forum, or for your personal use. One method to do that is by adding the website to your favorites folder and then editing it from there, but that’s too cumbersome for frequent operations.
So here comes this killer tip, a script written by MVP Bill James. The script itself is not that new, but I’ve decided to feature it here because not many people know about it, and after you will begin using it you won’t understand how you’ve managed without it.
Download the enclosed file – copy_title_and_url.zip and extract it to a folder of your choice by using WinZip or similar.
Next, double-click the install.bat file.
Note: As always, NEVER run any script or registry setting file without first inspecting what they do.
Now open Internet Explorer and navigate to any website, for example this page.
Right-click on an empty spot in IE, you will notice a new context menu option – Copy Title and URL:
copy title url 1 small
Click on that option. Now, you can paste the page title and URL anywhere you want:
copy title url 2 small
Bingo. I use this trick whenever I post replies on various newsgroups and forums.

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