How can I quickly copy a file or a folder’s path in Windows Vista?

While working with files and folders in your Windows operating system you might sometimes find the need to copy a file’s exact and full path. Besides needing these paths for programming needs you might might also need it for usage in the Run command, a Command Prompt window, e-mail messages, a Google search or for a billion other uses.
Before Windows Vista you had to manually copy the folder path from the Windows Explorer (or Command Prompt) window, and then manually add the file’s name, plus the file’s extension, and do not forget having to add the quotation marks around the long path.
Here comes Windows Vista and ads this very useful shortcut to the DEFAULT installation inside Windows Explorer’s context menu!

  1. Open a Windows Explorer windows, browse to the required file.
  2. Right-click the file in the right pane of the Windows Explorer window. Note that you do NOT have the “Copy as Path” option.
    copy path 1 small
  3. Now, hold the SHIFT key while you right-click the folder. Behold!
    copy path 2 small
  4. You can now paste the copied path anywhere you want.
    copy path 3 small

Note: As in most cases, Microsoft has only gone part of the way with this cool feature. It’s silly but this context menu add-on in only available when you right-click on the folder in the right pane, and not in the left pane or in a My Computer window…
 copy path 4 small

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