Microsoft Teams Gets New Channel Management Capabilities

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Key Takeaways:

  • Microsoft Teams users can now enjoy streamlined processes for creating and joining teams and channels.
  • The AI-powered Discover feed in Teams enhances content consumption by offering users a personalized hub to catch up on the most relevant channel updates.
  • Microsoft has introduced new admin controls to prevent users from finding private teams.

Microsoft has announced a slew of updates to streamline channel management in its Teams collaboration service. The company has reduced the number of steps that were previously required to create and join teams and channels in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft mentioned that “create a team from scratch” is now the default experience in Microsoft Teams. Users will need to click “More create team options” to select a template from the template library. Microsoft has also introduced a new Create channel option in the menu for creating a new team.

Additionally, Microsoft Teams now allows users to find and join public and private teams. There are also new settings that let IT admins control whether users will be able to find a private team. Later this year, Microsoft Teams will enable users to choose to show only the channels that are relevant to them when joining a team.

Microsoft Teams Gets New Channel Management Capabilities
Discover public and private teams (Image Credits: Microsoft)

New Discover Feed enhances collaboration in Microsoft Teams channels

Microsoft Teams has introduced a new AI-powered Discover feed that allows users to catch up on the most relevant content from channels. This new Discover feed helps to easily catch up on news as well as like/comment/share a post.

In Microsoft Teams, users can now share a link to the channel, a post, or a reply with their colleagues. Moreover, users can choose to hide the general channel of a team and mark all notifications as read with a single click in the activity feed.

Microsoft Teams Discover feed
Discover Feed (Image Credits: Microsoft)

Archive channel is now generally available

Furthermore, Microsoft has released a new feature that lets channel owners and IT admins archive Teams channels. This capability should help to preserve channel content (such as messages, files, and tabs) when the collaboration in a project ends.

Archive channels
Archive channel (Image Credits: Microsoft)

Later this year, Microsoft Teams is getting a new feature that will automatically hide inactive channels that haven’t been interacted with over the past 45 days. Additionally, it will be possible to rename the general channel in Microsoft Teams. Users will also be able to mute all notifications for a specific channel post and customize the sound of notifications.