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M365 Changelog: Microsoft Stream: Toggles for video and audio owners to manage feature settings on the new web player

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MC291661 – This feature update will enable users to toggle features, such as transcripts and comments, on and off for all viewers in the web player. Audio and video files must be stored in OneDrive and SharePoint.

New capability only for video/audio file owners.

Note: Only users with edit access to the video or audio will see video settings and be able to turn features on or off.

When is this coming

  • Targeted Release (select users and entire org): Microsoft will begin rolling this out in early November and expect to complete rollout in late December.
  • Standard Release: Microsoft will begin rolling this out in late November and expect to complete rollout in late February 2022.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 85686.

How this will affect your organization

Users will see a Video settings button in the upper right-hand corner of any video or audio file stored in OneDrive or SharePoint that they own.

This video settings button expands to a panel where they can turn on/off features such as transcription/captions and comments for all viewers for a particular video.

What you need to do to prepare

You might want to notify your users about this new capability and update your training and documentation as appropriate.Additional informationHelp and support

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