M365 Changelog: Viva Learning general availability

MC287944 – In early November, 2021, Microsoft is launching Microsoft Viva Learning, a center for learning in Microsoft 365 that promotes a culture of growth and development by bringing learning into the flow of work within the tools and platforms already used during the workday.

Key points:

  • Timing: end of October and expect to complete by mid-November.
  • Action: Review and ensure settings are appropriate for your organization

How this affects your organization:

As part of this launch, you will see a new Viva Learning service plan (Viva Learning Seeded) associated with your organization’s current Microsoft 365 license. In addition, the Viva Learning Teams app will appear in Microsoft Teams. Viva Learning will be delivered primarily through this Teams app, which creates a central hub in Microsoft Teams where employees can discover, share, and learn from content libraries provided by your organization, by Microsoft, and by external partners.

When Viva Learning launches in early November, the Viva Learning Teams app will be pre-installed into your users’ Teams experience. The basic Viva Learning experience will be available free of charge with your current Microsoft 365 license. This free version of Viva Learning includes access to the full content libraries of Microsoft Learn and Microsoft 365 Trainings, as well as a limited set (125 courses) of LinkedIn Learning content. To unlock the full capabilities of Viva Learning, you can add Viva Learning Premium to your subscription, which provides additional admin features and recommendation capabilities, as well as unlocking Learning Management System integration and third-party content integration. Accessing non-Microsoft Viva Learning Premium content may require a separate subscription with the third-party content provider.

Microsoft 365 Trainings will be accessible from Viva Learning and consumed directly within Teams. Microsoft 365 Trainings and Microsoft Learn content is subject to terms other than the Microsoft Product Terms.

LinkedIn Learning and other non-Microsoft content (including third-party content and content stored on Learning Management Systems) will be accessible through the Viva Learning Teams app but consumed directly from the third-party content provider’s website where it is stored. Accordingly, when a user navigates to non-Microsoft content, that content and any associated services are subject to the third-party content provider’s privacy and service terms and not to the Microsoft Product Terms.

What you can do to prepare:

You may also choose to make your organization’s internal SharePoint-hosted content accessible to users in the Viva Learning Teams app. Any content you add to Viva Learning is not subject to the Microsoft Product Terms and may be subject to other privacy and service terms.

You can block the Viva Learning Teams app for your organization in advance of the early November launch by following the instructions available here. You can also choose to pin the app to the Teams left nav rail for easier access for your users.

When Viva Learning launches in early November, you will be able to configure which content is available to your users by following instructions available here.Additional information

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