M365 Changelog: Microsoft Teams: Policy packages assignment to groups

MC243733 – Updated March 09, 2021: We have updated this post for clarity. Thank you for your patience.

This release of policy package assignment to groups will allow you to assign multiple policies to a group of users, such as a security group or distribution list.

When this will happen

We will begin rolling this out and be complete in mid-March.

How this will affect your organization

Teams admins will now be able to assign a set of package based policies, based on the role of the users, to a dynamic group of users. Custom policies that you create and assign let you tailor policy settings to different sets of users based on those needs. To easily manage policies in your organization, there are several ways to assign policies to users. Assign a policy directly to users, either individually or at scale through a batch assignment, or to a group that the users are members of.

What you need to do to prepare

This change impacts how admins will be able to assign policy packages. Policy package assignment to groups can be done by using the Teams admin center and PowerShell cmdlets.

Please refer to the Additional Information for more details.