M365 Changelog: Site owners can manage requests for third-party apps on their sites (SharePoint Online)

MC335624 – The upcoming My requests page feature update (previously known as Your requests under Site Contents) will help SharePoint site owners quickly manage app requests that are sent to tenant admins. Site owners will be able to view requests and track status in a modern view and withdraw or delete a request in a new streamlined experience.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID: 88950

When this will happen

Targeted Release (selected users and entire org): Microsoft expects this to begin rolling out in early March and be complete by mid-March.

Standard Release: Microsoft expects this rollout to begin in early-April and to be completed by mid-April.

How this will affect your organization:

A request will be added to the My requests list when a site owner goes to the Site Settings > Add an app > SharePoint Store and creates a request. At the same time, the request will also be sent to tenant admins in the App requests list in the App Catalog.

To withdraw a request: On the My requests page, site owners can easily withdraw a pending request.

Deleting request after App Catalog admin approval or decline
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To delete a request: Site owners can only delete the requests that are approved or declined by tenant admins. This deleted request will be recorded in the list of app requests on the admin’s side as “Closed as approved” or “Closed as declined”.

Viewing app request
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What you need to do to prepare

Please share this information with anyone who manages apps and reviews app requests in your organization.

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