M365 Changelog: Retirement of Discover slab from old Outlook iOS versions

MC266484 – On August 5, 2021, the Recommended slab will be retired from old versions of Outlook iOS. When the change takes effect, the Recommended slab will silently disappear from the search view in Outlook iOS versions older than 4.31.0.

Note: If your organization does not use iOS, you can safely ignore this message.

Key points

  • Timing: The Recommended slab will be disable/retired on August 5, 2021.
  • Control type: user control
  • Action: review, assess and update to latest iOS version if Discover slab retention is desired

How will this affect your organization

If users have not updated Outlook iOS since March 2020, the Discover slab will silently disappear from their search view.

What you need to do to prepare:

Prior to the end of August, users who would like to retain the Discover slab should upgrade to the latest version of Outlook iOS.

You might want to notify your users about this upcoming retirement and update your training and documentation as appropriate.