M365 Changelog: Removing Chromium-based MDM config policies (Intune and other MDM providers) from Edge for Android

MC226629 – In February 2021, Edge for Android will remove the Chromium-based MDM app configuration settings that currently ship within Edge. These settings come from the Chromium source code but are not (and never have been) supported by Edge for Android and may have unattended side effects with the app. For more information on the app configuration settings that Edge for Android supports, see https://aka.ms/edgeappconfig.

How this will affect your organization:

You are receiving this message because you may be using Chromium-based MDM config policies from Edge for Android. This change impacts Microsoft Intune as well as other MDM providers.  

Administrators will no longer be able to use Chromium-based MDM app configuration policies with Edge for Android when this change is implemented. Within Microsoft Endpoint Manager, this means that tenants will no longer see these app configuration policies within managed devices app configuration policies (https://docs.microsoft.com/mem/intune/apps/app-configuration-policies-use-android). Specifically, these policies will no longer apply to Edge on Android Enterprise devices.

What you need to do to prepare:

Instead of using the Chromium-based MDM app configuration polices we recommend the use of the supported policies as defined in https://aka.ms/edgeappconfig.Additional information