M365 Changelog: Stream migration tool public preview and general availability

MC437552 – Customers who wish to migrate existing Stream (Classic) content to Stream (on SharePoint) can soon use the Stream migration tool in public preview. This tool will allow you to transfer audio and video files to Stream (on SharePoint) while also bringing over all critical metadata and permissions associated with your Stream (Classic) content. Additionally, the tool will ensure that links and embeds of Stream (Classic) content will be redirected to the same content on Stream (on SharePoint).

Stream (on SharePoint) improves upon and will eventually replace Stream (Classic). Microsoft expects to announce a retirement date for Stream (Classic) by or before early 2023, and Microsoft will keep the service running for a full year from the date of the retirement announcement.

When this will happen:

Microsoft expects to begin rolling out the public preview of the migration tool in early October and to complete the rollout by mid-October. The tool in public preview will be available to all customers worldwide. Once the public preview rolls out you will find the tool and reports inside your Stream admin center. Microsoft expects the migration tool to roll out to general availability by or before early 2023. 

How this affects your organization:

The migration tool also includes reports that will give you an overview of all the Stream (Classic) videos in your tenant to help you decide which files you need to migrate.

To access the migration tool, follow these steps:

  1. Log into Stream admin center and look for the new tab ‘Stream migration (preview)’ 
  2. Under ‘Stream migration (preview)’ tab, select ‘Migration tool’. You will be taken to the SharePoint (SP) admin center. (You’ll need SharePoint admins credentials to run the tool. Please refer to public documentation for guidance on how to migrate in link below.) 
  3. Next go to the ‘Reports’ tab to download the script. This script will generate CSV files locally on your machine. Detailed instructions to run the script are noted in the public documentation link below. Use the CSV files to analyze your Stream (Classic) videos before deciding which ones you want to migrate. Microsoft recommends running the tool with test files to verify destination and permissions before you migrate production videos. Refer to these cases https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/stream/streamnew/migration-details#permissions-and-destinations for verification of permissions.

What you can do to prepare:

Microsoft conducts Migration office hours every other Thursday, where you can ask questions related to issues you are facing in the tool. Calendar invites will be available in our documentation once the tool enters public preview. You can also write to us for any queries at [email protected] 

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