M365 Changelog: SharePoint Apps – Add to teams when enabling an app

MC476027 – As a SharePoint Administrator or Global Administrator in Microsoft 365, you can acquire solutions from the SharePoint Store or distribute custom apps that can be used across SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and Viva Connections. Microsoft improves the process of adding SharePoint Framework solution app to Teams in the modern SharePoint apps site (formerly known as App Catalog). 

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 103610

When this will happen   

Targeted Release: Microsoft expects this to begin rolling out in early December 2022.  

Standard Release: Microsoft expects this rollout to begin in early January 2023 and expect that rollout to be completed by end of January. 

How this will affect your organization:  

When deploying a custom app or approving a requested app in the Apps site, if the app is applicable for Teams, Microsoft will display a checkbox for adding to Teams. It’s checked by default. And if it’s enabled with this option checked, Microsoft will complete the enabling and adding to Teams flow in sequence. Otherwise, if it is not checked, you can click on Add to Teams button in the command bar later. 

Note: There is no change to the Apps site availability, it is accessible in all environments (Worldwide, GCC, GCC-High, and DoD).

Deploying an app which is applicable to Teams 

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What you need to do to prepare 

There is nothing you need to prepare. Please share this information with anyone who manages apps and reviews app requests in your organization. 

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