M365 Changelog: Sensitivity Label as a condition support for PDF on Exchange Online

MC363212 – Microsoft will be extending the ability to use sensitivity labels as a condition in Data Loss Protection (DLP) rules (for Exchange Online (EXO) location) to PDF attachments in Exchange emails. This feature will allow you to protect labelled PDF files through DLP policies using the condition “content contains sensitivity label” in the DLP rule.

When will this happen:

Microsoft will begin rolling this out in early June and expect to complete rollout by early July.

How this will affect your organization: 

Emails with attachments containing PDF files with sensitivity labels will start getting detected by DLP. 

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What you need to do to prepare: 

If you currently have DLP policies that are used for detecting sensitivity labels, after this update, you can expect to see that the DLP policy rules will match on the PDF files as well. In case you have any restrictions or exceptions, please make sure to make the necessary changes to support the PDF as best fits your organization.

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